Easy ScreenSaver Station


Create screensavers with your own images, sounds and videos.


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Easy ScreenSaver Station is a tool designed to easily create personalized screen savers by using your images, songs and even flash movies. Thanks to this program, you can have all the photos of your trip, friends and family as a screensaver.

Easy ScreenSaver Station creates a screensaver by applying numerous transition and animation effects between the different photos or videos.

You can take the files that you want to include in your project directly from your camera or scanner. In addition, Easy ScreenSaver Station supports MP3, WMA, MIDI and WAV audio file formats.

All the images can be edited before adding them to your project and you can see the final project before saving it. Also, you can password protect it and add Copy Right information.

Additionally, this application also manages your screen savers, whether they come with your computer or are downloaded from the Internet, so that you can execute, install and configure them quickly.
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